is one of the leading manufacturers coconut material in Indonesia. We are an established company for more than 5 years in coco fiber & coco peat industry.
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Indonesian natural commodities have long been the target of various countries. Indonesia is a country rich in lurking natural products with unquestionable quality.

Piramide Fiber Indonesia

Our Product

Specifications Coconut Peat (Block)

  • Low EC / High EC (By Custome)
  • Dimentions : 30x30x13 (cm)
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • EC Value : < 0.5 (low ec) and > 0.5 (high ec)
  • Sieve mesh : 5 mm
  • Fiber : < 2%
  • Compression Rasio : 1:1
  • Moisture : 10%-15%

Specifications Coconut Fiber

  • Color: Golden Brown
  • Moisture : 18% – 20% max
  • Dust : 3% max
  • Impurities : 3% max
  • Fiber Length: 90% Above 20 cm length and 20% Above 10 cm length
  • No Husks
  • Package : packing in bales with plastic straps

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Quality is the main focus that we respond to so that our company survives to this day


become the trust of many domestic and foreign consumers

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continue to innovate in processing coconut derivative products so that they can be used perfectly
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With Quality Management and standards we can make Europe Grade Fiber

I will recommend other vanilla farmer to buy coco peat and coco fiber from Piramide Fiber

Simone Walker Founder Lotte Mart

We use coco peat from Piramide Fiber for plant Vanillas and vegetables at Tembok village Singaraja

Ryuji Kato Singaraja
    Piramide Fiber Indonesia

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    Piramide Fiber Indonesia

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